Thank-you. This is the real meaning of the second amendment’s “well regulated militia” clause. Learning to use a firearm safely is nothing like what most movies depict.

Another point that is often overlooked: Do not cheap-out on a holster if you carry the handgun with you. This is your well-being at stake here. Find something that is comfortable, fits well, and cannot possibly snag your trigger as you are drawing the gun. And make sure that it does the same when reholstering the gun.

Though I own long guns, I do not own any handguns. I like the shooting sports for fun. If I ever find myself needing to sleep with a gun beside my bed, I will be looking for a safer place to sleep the very next day. All my children learned to use rifles and shotguns from a young age. They were carefully supervised and we made sure to take them to the range regularly so that there would be absolutely no mystery about what a gun was or what the responsibilities of owning one were. And when they were old enough to handle a gun themselves with some proficiency, I took them hunting.

These lessons have stayed with them in other endeavors as well. At age 16, my son learned to drive a car. He takes that driver’s license very seriously and he conducts himself thinking about plan A, plan B, and plan C with the car. I attribute at least some of that to his education with firearm safety.

I am one of those right wing conservative, married white fathers. Happy, not angry; armed, not dangerous; educated, but always a student.

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